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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kubo announces P4U online tournament

Kubo announced tonight that he will hold an online P4U tournament on August 3 (or this Friday) starting from 21:00 JST on his stream. The platform is, of course, PlayStation 3. He will accept only 32 players. The players must have at least 5-dan rank.

Kubo plays P4U as main when he goes go the arcades. It is interesting to see if he will still keep UMvC3 as his main on the consoles or not. The arrival of the console versions of P4U clearly gives him new motivation.

Kubo is the leading figure in UMvC3 scene in Japan. He was behind the first few offline MvC3 tournaments (KUBODSGARDEN and KVO). There will be a drastic change to the Japanese UMvC3 community if Kubo has lost interest in the game.

Kubo the Debugger
Although Kubo is known for playing less popular games as he loves air dash and air guard, his passion in FGs is more than most people. He bought minor FGs (even self-published PC games) just to try out. And the first things he did to the games is looking for glitches, unblockables, and infinites. (No wonder he discovered Kubota Escape, the glitch that became talk of the town at Evo 2012.) For P4U, he actually started collecting frame data from recorded videos of the arcade version since March.

Kubo's stream channel on Nico Nico has the highest subscriber number in non-Street Fighter FG streams. He also shares the stream with Frieda and Tsujigawa who share the same interest.

Kubo's achievements
  • Tougeki 2005 - Guilty Gear XX - Top 4
  • Tougeki 2006 - Melty Blood AC - 2nd place
  • Tougeki 2008 - Melty Blood AC - 1st place

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