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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Under Night: In-Birth

In the previous post, we said you should pay attention to this game, but we feel that it needs a separate post for the reasons why.

Under Night In-Birth* is the upcoming fighting game from the developer of Melty Blood. It is scheduled for arcade release this Summer (or in near future). The game may look like a low-budget version of BlazBlue, but some elements are better.

*The game officially uses In-Birth in English, but Inverse in Japanese.

The first thing you will quickly notice is it's clean. It doesn't have millions of gauges and icons like in BlazBlue. The game is in good pace and has good camera work (no unnecessary zoom-out or move-up). Overall, it has one of those things that make SF4 easier to get into.

Anyway, the video below is the most important reason. Orie probably has the best sprite in any 2D FGs right now. She's so smooth.

There're many smaller FGs from smaller developers like this both on PC and in the arcades in Japan. Due to the lack of budget and resources, none of them can compete with FGs from the bigger companies. These game probably are not up to your standard, but there're something that they get it right and we want to promote that. The more you know, the more you realize that bigger FGs in the market are still far from being genuinely good.

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