Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2015

- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Monday, August 6, 2012

Video of Umehara in Shibuya Message Festival 2012

A video of Daigo Umehara during talk show in Shibuya Message Festival 2012 was uploaded by the event staff tonight. This should be called a rare footage of Umehara talking one hour non-stop!

The talk show aimed toward young audience and the topic was "Dream." Five people from five careers were invited (fashion model, physician, chef, pro gamer, cosmetic company president).

- The MC is Chiasa Takou (a TV announcer).
- They talked about how Japanese games becomes world culture.
- Umehara said gamers get a lot of attention from media in some countries.
- The origin of "The Beast." He thinks someone called him that in a documentary then people followed.
- The differences of taste in games between Japan and foreign counties.
- Training competitive gaming.
- Evolution, its viewers and attendees.
- His experience in foreign counties.
- His childhood.
- He used to play 8 hours (from 3 pm to 11 pm) using just 100 yen (because he didn't lose).
- He thinks sponsors came too late, it should come since he's 17 (laugh). But he's still happy.
- They talked about the contents in his book.
- His retirement from gaming in 2008.
- His hobby (beside gaming) is finding a delicious place to eat.
- When asked about types of girl he likes: Cheerful and girly.
- There's a lot of girls in the audience, especially in front of the stage.
- There's a chance that he will participate Capcom's SF 25th anniversary tournament in Taiwan.
- He still has an unannounced Gunslinger Stratos activity and more.
- The MC accepted a few questions from the audience.

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