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- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
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- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Tougeki scandals (2012 edition)

Tougeki 2012 is this weekend but we cannot wait to unfold these scandals. There are already 2 scams, pre-Tougeki 2012 P4U tournament and Game Summer Festival 2012.

Pre-Tougeki 2012 P4U (mini) tournament
The first scam is PPV pre-Tougeki 2012 P4U tournament. The show was 5 hour long. But there were 3 corners before that. The time table was not written beforehand, so no one expected that. They had viewers wait 1 hour 48 minutes before the actual tournament. Luckily, it is offline tournament, it would have less value otherwise.

The time table
  1. Opening talk (15 minutes)
  2. A sample of Cho Tougeki Exhibition match (Umehara vs. Nuki, Kazunoko vs. Fei Long) (originally 1 hour, but they cut to 30 minutes due to complaints?)
  3. Tougeki Q&A talk (20 minutes)
  4. P4U introduction & gameplay demonstration  (35 minutes)
  5. The actual content

Why did they use PPV stream to promote Tougeki?
Why did they show SF4 on a PPV P4U stream?
Why did they show Umehara when he is not confirmed to go Tougeki 2012?
Why did they introduce something that people are paying to see?
Time table is not showed outside the show, was that on purpose?

The actual tournament started at 0:40 (JST) after midnight. And again, this is pay-per-view.

Game Summer Festival 2012
In order to make more money from Tougeki, they make Tougeki a part of a big game event. Everything outside Tougeki is a filler.

This big event is not actually big judging from the contents. The stage shows are mostly a game played by a gamer. The concerts are mostly from minor artists.

Here is the important part. If you are not already qualified for Tougeki Finals (a blue ticket holder) and wish to participate the appointed day qualifier, you are forced to buy the ticket of Game Summer Festival which will cost up to 7,500-8,500 yen for both days. Moreover, number of participants is limited even though they will accept all the applications. It will be decided by lottery. You will not get a refund if you are not chosen.

In Japan, with 8,500 yen, it is the money you pay for a concert of a top artist(s) of the country with approximate 30 songs or more.

They are unfairly making big money off players, their friends or relatives, and their fans.

The monopoly
We again have to remind you that Tougeki will always get away as long as Japan does not have a new open national fighting game tournaments event. Currently, only the game publishers have the power to do so. Arc System Works is stepping up, but publishers like Capcom only do so once in a while to promote stuff. TOPANGA and GODSGARDEN does not have the power. They can only organize a small one or invite-only.

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