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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Under Night: In-Birth: How to Play

The System page has been added to the official website of Under Night: In-Birth yesterday. The very good news is not only it has no comeback mechanics, it also rewards better players big bonus.

Here is our summary.

There are only 2 gauges that you have to pay attention to, EXS and GRD. This game really requires strategy as both of them can fill each other.

EXS (pronounced Exis)
- It is on the bottom left or right of the screen.
- This is similar to SF4's Super Combo gauge.
- Full gauge is EXS 200%. Half gauge is EXS 100%.
- It is used for EX version of special moves. EXS 100%+ is required.
- By pressing A+B+C at EXS 100%+, the character will enter Veil Off state. In this state, you can use EXS moves as much as you want in limited time until the gauge depletes to 0%. (Veil Off consumes all of your EXS.)
- Veil Off activation moment also works similar to "Burst." You gain some invincibility and the shockwave will push opponent away. It will also cause GRD Break to opponent upon hitting. (The developer said in February that you cannot use it under hit-stun so it is not a typical "Burst.")
- In Veil Off state, you will also get GRD bonus from actions.
- Ultimate moves called Infinite Verse will be usable at EXS 200% or in Veil Off state.
- Ultimate moves called Infinite Verse EXST will be usable only at EXS 200% and while opponent has 30% life or below, and you must use between a combo while having max Veil Off. This is instant death move.

GRD (Grind Grid)
- It is on the bottom center of the screen.
- Your GRD will increase if you are in a good situation, and decrease during a bad situation.
- GRD Vorpal is activated each time after the circle is filled with light. If your GRD is more than opponent at the moment, the circle will turn into your color (red or blue) and you get the benefits. The circle will then be reset again after it is filled. There is a chance that the circle will always be your color if you can maintain the momentum. If both players have the same GRD when the circle is filled, the circle will turn white and no one gets the benefits.
- In GRD Vorpal state, you do extra damage.
- In GRD Vorpal state, by pressing D twice, you can convert all of your GRD into EXS gauge. This action is called Chain Shift. Moreover, Chain Shift will cancel the ongoing animations, returning you to neutral again so you can continue a combo or use it for frame trap. The GRD circle will turn white after using it.
- You can boost your GRD by holding D. It can also decrease opponent's GRD. This action (called Concentration) consumes EXS.
- You will get GRD bonus when blocking an attack using Shield. But if you get hit while using Shield, GRD Break will occur. GRD Break will reset your GRD.
- Shield (press D while blocking) requires some EXS (around 20%). If successful, you will gain a lot of momentum in GRD.

Other features
- There are 4 buttons: A (light attack), B (medium), C (strong), D (EXS Action).
- There is something similar to P4U's Auto Combo, called Smart Steer. You get a combo by pressing A>A>A>A.
- Assault (forward + D) works like hop (for hop attack), midair is possible. It requires 10% EXS.

Here are some of the new gameplay videos from last week which you can use as reference.

Under Night: In-Birth will be released to the Japanese arcades on September 20.

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