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- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
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Monday, September 17, 2012

2nd TOPANGA League (A) Round 12 summary

- 2nd TOPANGA League announced, prizes, tickets, schedule, stream links
- Rules and format
- 2nd TOPANGA League (A) Round 1 summary
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- R (Guy player)
- Yoshiwo (Guile player)
- Shiro (Makoto player) *after 3rd match

Opening skit
- R and the audience shouted TOPANGA LEAGUE.

- The show was 4 hours 30 minutes long.
- The show ended with 70,304 attendees and 112,161 comments.
- They revealed that there're 756 games in TOPANGA League this season.

1. Fuudo vs. Bon-chan
2. Umehara vs. Sako
3. Bon-chan vs. Uryo
4. Kazunoko vs. Sako 
5. Umehara vs. Fuudo

Spoilers inside.


1. Bon-chan 5-10 Fuudo
0-2 (advantage)
1-2 *very close 1st & 2nd round
0-2 *very close last round
1-2 *close 1st round *Bon missed FADC Ultra in 2nd round *very close last round
2-1 *wakeup EX DP won Bon last round (Fuudo tried to chip him)
0-2 *close 1st round (Bon whiff'd HK and got punish'd hard)
0-2 *close 1st round *nice Super Rekka on reaction in last round (punish FA)
2-1 *close 1st round
1-2 *2 random DPs by Bon in 1st round
1-2 *very close 1st round *Bon could win last round if he didn't random DP
0-2 *close last round

- (interview before the match) Bon said he didn't feel like losing.
- Bon definitely had a chance to win this but he didn't try his best (many random DP/Tiger Knee).

2. Sako 11-9 Umehara
0-2 (advantage)
2-1 *close last round (Umehara almost made comeback)
2-0 *very close 1st & last round
2-0 *perfect in 1st round by Sako
1-2 *Umehara gained momentum back from last 2 games.
1-2 *big comeback from Sako in 1st round *very close last round
1-2 *very close last round (Umehara DP'd Sako's cross-up)
1-2 *close/intense 1st round *FADC Metsu finish in last round (intense)
1-2 *Super Hado finish in last round
2-0 *perfect in 1st round by Sako
2-1 *big comeback in 1st round by Umehara (FADC Metsu finish) *close 2nd round (almost timeout)
1-2 *a miss DP combo cost Umehara 2nd round *Sako missed Ultra punish in last round
1-2 *very close 2nd round *intense last round (FADC Metsu finish) *very important
2-0 *Sako managed to chip with Super Kunai in last second in last round (very close)
0-2 *Umehara went for timeout in 1st round (very close)
2-1 *missed DP hitconfirm cost Umehara 1st round *raw Metsu (finish) caught Sako's back dash in 2nd round (beautiful)
2-1 *very close/intense last round
2-0 *very close last round

- Umehara chose 2P side. Sako chose Snowy Railyard as usual.
- Sako chose Ultra 2.
- Umehara got hit by countless Okizeme, that's the sole reason he lost.
- After this fight, Sako is guaranteed at least 3rd place.

3. Bon-chan 10-0 Uryo
2-0 (advantage)
2-0 *Bon won with a pixel of life in 1st round *perfect in last round
2-1 *very close 1st round
2-1 *Uryo successfully made Bon dizzy in 2nd round (finally)

- Bon chose Ultra 1, Uryo chose Ultra 2.
- Bon was clearly on drug (especially that one in Limitless movie). He played relentlessly aggressive like an action hero. He also made many right calls like eveything was scripted.

4.  Sako 2-10 Kazunoko
0-2 (advantage)
1-2 *perfect in 2nd round by Sako
0-2 *nice finish in 1st round by KZNK *KZNK dominated 2nd round
1-2 *Sako only hit KZNK once in last round
1-2 *big comeback by KZNK in last round (hitconfirm>Genei Jin>Youhou>2 command grabs)
0-2 *perfect in 1st round by KZNK
1-2 *close 1st round *epic 2nd round (very close)
2-1 *very close last round (both tried to get one last hit)
0-2 *perfect in last round by KZNK

- Kazunoko chose 2P side.
- Sako chose Ultra 1.
- Kazunoko only fell for Okizeme twice in the entire match! (It's not like Sako had many chances to do so, too.)
- After this fight, 2nd place is impossible for Sako due to GD. (He's now 100% 3rd place)
- If Kazunoko won 1-10 he would've gotten 4th place because Bon has advantage on head-to-head against him.
- Kazunoko used to say in TOPANGA TV that he was confident in winning one player in the Third Stage. He didn't tell who, but we guess it's probably Sako.

5. Fuudo 10-5 Umehara
0-2 (advantage)
0-2 *Shinkuu Hado finish in last round (Fuudo gave away by whiffing 2 DPs)
2-1 *a miss cost Umehara last round
1-2 *very close 1st round (Fuudo won with no life left)
0-2 *a big beautiful comeback by Umehara in last round
2-0 *close 1st & last round
2-0 *Umehara tried to DP out of block stun but failed in 1st round
1-2 *nice Ultra finish reaction by Fuudo in 2nd round *close last round (Fuudo missed Shien)
2-0 *Umeshoryu gave away last round
2-1 *Umehara dropped combo that cost him last round
2-1 *Fuudo's random Ultra won him 1st round *Shinkuu Hado finish in 2nd round *Umeshoryu gave away last round
2-0 *Umeshoryu gave away 1st round

- Umehara chose 2P side.
- Fuudo chose Ultra 1.
- Umehara can still win the league if he wins +9 GD. (But that's nearly impossible.)
- Umehara had no clear answer to Fuudo's attacking, especially when chased to the corner.
- Umehara couldn't put pressure on Fuudo. Both UmeWalk and fireballs were too risky against Fuudo (high precision on counter-attacking).
- Umehara gave up half way of this match. (He would've won if it's first-to-five though!)

Third Stage's Table
Player P W L GD
1 Fuudo 5 5 0 +30
2 Umehara5 3 2 +2
3 Sako 5 3 2 -8
4 Bon-chan 5 2 3 +1
5 Kazunoko 5 2 3 +1
6 Uryo 5 0 5 -26

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