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- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
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- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Saturday, September 15, 2012

2nd TOPANGA League (A) Round 11 summary

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- Rules and format
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- R (Guy player)
- Yoshiwo (Guile player)

Opening skit
- R was hiding in the audience.
- Tokido was in Spider-man mask holding "When will Tokido-san appear in Z League?" (Tokido used to joke that he won't play in League B but Z so he can be Z Warrior (a reference to Dragon Ball Z).

- The show was 5 hours 18 minutes long.
- The show ended with 77,101 attendees and 90,193 comments.

1. Umehara vs. Uryo
2. Kazunoko vs. Bon-chan
3. Uryo vs. Sako
4. Kazunoko vs. Fuudo
5. Umehara vs. Bon-chan

Spoilers inside.


1. Uryo 6-10 Umehara
0-2 (advantage)
2-0 *Uryo won 1st round by chip with a pixel of life *big command miss by Umehara in 2nd round
1-2 *Uryo won 1st round
1-2 *Uryo jumped into Ume's upper several time in 1st round *nice FADS HK anti-air in last round by Umehara
2-1 *very close last round (Umehara missed)
1-2 *Umehara lost 1st round after missing Metsu timing *nice raw Super aim in last round bu Umehara
1-2 *Umehara won 1st round with 5% life *Umehara clearly now adapted to Uryo's frame trap EX DP
2-0 *Umehara dropped combo in 1st round
1-2 *Umehara just got his first FADC Metsu in 2nd round *nice fake cross-up in last round by Umehara *Uryo won 1st round
1-2 *FADC Metsu finish in 1st round
0-2 *almost perfect in last round by Umehara
0-2 *FADC Metsu finish in 2nd round
0-2 *close last round

- After a couple times, Umehara adapted and didn't fall for Uryo's frame trap EX DP (FADC) again, not even once. And that means Uryo wasted 3 meters doing so (around 3-4 times).
- It seemed like Umehara didn't mind being in the corner (easier to deal with a jump cross-up?). But he was still hit by a lot of cross-ups.

2. Bon-chan 12-10 Kazunoko
0-2 (advantage)
0-2 *very close 1st round *Bon gave away last round by random DP
2-1 *nice DP bait in last round by Bon
2-1 *very close 1st round (KZNK won by command grab) *very close last round
1-2 *perfect in 2nd round by Bon *Bon almost made a big comeback in last round but Tiger Knee wasn't enough to chip KZNK
1-2 *close 2nd round
2-0 *nice read in 2nd round by KZNK (You Hou caught back dash)
2-1 *close 1st round *big comeback in 2nd round by Bon
1-2 *close 2nd round
2-0 *very close last round
2-1 *close 1st round *nice You Hou on reaction (caught MK) in 1st round
2-0 *KZNK couldn't hitconfirm Genei Jin in last round and got thrown
0-2 *close 1st round but Bon gave away by random DP

- Before the match in the audience, Tokido held "Chan" sign and the next guy had "Bon" sign. (It should be Bon Chan, instead of Chan Bon!) *new JFGC meme incoming
- Before the deuce, someone in the audience shout "Bon-chan! Tiger!" then everyone in the chat laughed because they don't know what's it supposed to mean. LOL *new JFGC meme incoming
- This is actually an exciting match. They tried to hit each other nonstop. Many rounds were close. Many high level stuff. Kazunoko had 6-8 lead.

3. Sako 14-12 Uryo
2-0 (advantage)
1-2 *Sako won 1st round
1-2 *close 1st round *Uryo won 2nd round with 5% life *perfect in last round by Uryo
2-0 *almost perfect by Sako in last round (he dropped combo)
2-1 *Sako hit by a big set of combo in 1st round *close 2nd round *Sako won last round with no life left (very close, Uryo failed to chip him and got DP'd instead)
2-1 *perfect by Sako in last round
2-1 *close 2nd round and last round (both had a chance but couldn't make it)
?-2 *perfect in 1st round by Uryo
2-1 *close last round
0-2 *a comeback in last round
2-1 *Uryo's random DPs ruined this game after he won 1st round
0-2 *perfect by Uryo in 1st round
2-0 *Uryo's 2 random DPs gave away 1st round
1-2 *Uryo's 2 random DPs gave away 1st round
2-0 *1 random DP in 1st round by Uryo
1-2 *close 1st round *intense last round
2-0 *2 raw jumps by Uryo gave away 1st round

- Sako chose 1P side.
- Sako chose Ultra 1, Uryo chose U2.
- Uryo must really hate winning, with all those unsafe DPs. He could've won this fight 4 times.

4. Fuudo 10-2 Kazunoko
0-2 (advantage)
2-0 *close last round
2-0 *close 1st round
2-1 *close last round *nice Ultra reaction (EX Koboku punish) by Fuudo in last round

- Kazunoko chose 2P side.
- Fuudo chose Ultra 1.
- Many of Kazunoko's dive kicks got DP'd thanks to Fuudo's fast reaction. That left Kazunoko not many things to do.
- Osamu Ichikawa (the disable player who went to Evo 2012) was seen in the audience.
- Shiro was seen in the audience.

5. Bon-chan 7-10 Umehara
0-2 (advantage)
1-2 *Bon won with pixels of life in 2nd round *nice throw baits in last round from Umehara
2-0 *very close 1st round *Umehara missed shakunentsu chip (EX DP instead) and that cost him last round (Bon had no life left)
1-2 *very very close last round (Bon almost made comeback but he failed to chip)
0-2 *FADC Metsu finish in 1st round (very close)
0-2 *Bon got thrown 3 times straight in frame trap Okiseme in 1st round *FADC Metsu finish in last round
1-2 *intense/close 1st round with FADC Metsu finish and a comeback *exciting close last round
2-1 *very close 1st and 2nd round
2-1 *very intense/close 1st round (incredible, must see) *Umehara was great but he couldn't finish Bon. Bon was also great and took 2 chance to win those 2 rounds
2-1 *close/intense 2nd round
0-2 *random DP cost Bon 1st  round
1-2 *Bon's Focus LV3 > Ultra won him 1st round *FADC Metsu finish in last round
0-2 *very close 1st round

- Bon chose U2 (Tiger Cannon)
- Almost every rounds were intense/exciting!! Umehara always chased Bon to the corner, and then they tried to read each other or react fast enough. Bon tried hard not to fall for frame trap.
- Bon-chan once again proved that he's world's No.1 Sagat. He did a good job, not just blocking but fighting back.
- First round of 12th game, Umehara showed a new anti-Sagat tech (when Bon was in the corner) which is pressing HP (strong punch) repeatedly!! It's so funny everyone laughed. Bon himself was about to laugh, too. Anyway, it didn't work that round and Bon made a beautiful comeback.
- After the match ended, Tokido and the guy next to him flipped the "BON CHAN" signs and revealed that behind it has UME HARA written. (They betrayed Bon-chan! LOL)

Third Stage's Table
Player P W L GD
1 Fuudo 3 3 0 +20
2 Umehara3 3 0 +9
3 Sako 3 2 1 -2
4 Bon-chan 3 1 2 -4
5 Kazunoko 4 1 3 -7
6 Uryo 4 0 4 -16

After the Show
- Sako and wife, Fuudo, Uryo, Yoshiwo, ChocoBlanka went to eat at Jangara, Umehara's favorite place.

Umehara vs. Fuudo
Umehara vs. Sako
Kazunoko vs. Sako
Fuudo vs. Bon-chan
Bon-chan vs. Uryo

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