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Monday, January 28, 2013

[Update with video] Kokujin vs. Nero-tan FT5 result

This's the latest match of Sentos Carnival III online tournament tonight. It's Kokujin (Ryu) vs. Nero-tan (Blanka). Recorded stream is here.

Kokujin, who couldn't DP>FADC>Metsu in 2010, invested more time on SF4 in 2012 and now has 4000 PP Ryu. (He was at Evo 2012 and played on the stage if you remember.)

You all know ChocoBlanka but probably not NeroBlanka. This female player has 4000 PP Blanka and participated in Japan qualifying tournament of SF 25th Anniversary Tournaments last year (though lost in her first fight).

Kokujin already lost to Karipaku last year, can he afford to lose to another female player?

Note that Kokujin was coached by a.k.a. jojo (the well-known dictator player) and Nuki while playing this match. He also trained with ChocoBlanka the other day.

You can see  the result below OR wait until Sentos uploaded the match video which will be added to this post later.

Kokujin (Ryu) 3-5 Nero (Blanka)

  1. 2-0
  2. 2-0
  3. 0-2
  4. 0-2
  5. 0-2
  6. 2-1 *U2 finish in 1st round by Nero *close last round
  7. 1-2 *nice U2 setup in 1st round by Nero *intense last round
  8. 1-2

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