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Monday, January 21, 2013

[Update with video] KSK vs. Karipaku FT5 result

UPDATE: Sentosu uploaded the match video.

This's first-to-five match between KSK and Karipaku from Sentosu Carnival III online tournament tonight.

You probably know KSK, the cofounder of GODSGARDEN. Karipaku is the female Cody player who arguably is the strongest female SF4 player in Japan (if not the world). She has 4000 PP on Xbox Live. She already beat Kokujin in a first-to-ten last year. She almost OCV.d an entire team in The 2nd TOPANGA Charity Cup.

Recorded stream links
- KSK's viewpoint
- Karipaku's viewpoint
- Sentosu's (organizer) viewpoint

Note: You need a paid membership to watch recorded stream on Nico.

KSK was well-prepared for the match as you can see in the latest Kao TV (although he has spent much more time playing Dragon Quest X). He asked Nekojita (the Abel player) and a well-known online Cody player to train him. But Karipaku plays both arcade and online and has a well-known Abel player as adviser.

Picture: Karipaku (far left) vs. Negi (right)

Spoiler below

KSK (Abel) 2-5 Karipaku (Cody)

  1. 0-2
  2. 0-2 *close 1st round
  3. 2-0 *perfect in 1st round by KSK
  4. 2-1 *U1 finish in last round
  5. 0-2 *Karipaku used Ultra to punish Ultra on reaction in last round
  6. 0-2 *U1 finish in 1st round
  7. 0-2

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