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Friday, July 4, 2014

GODSGARDEN plans offstage PPV stream at Evo2014?

A six part (1,2,3,4,5,6) stream was planned yesterday by GODSGARDEN. The show, titled "EVO offstage stream in Las Vegas," will be streamed via GODSGARDEN's premium channel on Niconico. All of the stream pages have "Buy Ticket" button. While the button doesn't necessarily mean the shows are pay-per-view, they can kick non-ticket buyers out whenever they want to. (And we think they will.) (Update July 10: Yes, it's PPV)

We aren't sure if Evo organizer knows about this. Is this a collaboration and money will be split between GG and Evo? Or is this just a new scheme of GG's aggressive monetizing, and money is made behind Evo's back?

We wrote about GODSGARDEN's aggressive monetizing before, and this could be their new low. If it's as what we suspect, someone need to tap their shoulder and speak up.

GODSGARDEN founders are Hiroaki Inaba and KSK. Who's responsible to this downfall? We really hope it's not KSK.

KSK was once a homeless man in early 2011, due to the closing of Gamer's Vision–the game center (no longer sustainable then hit by earthquake) that is said to have caused him 90 million yen debt. He slept in his car that was given by someone at the hard time. He briefly worked as a bartender at a small bar where he met a rich businessman who then picked him up because of his fame. This's because he got a lot of supports from JFGC.

KSK is now living an upper middle class life. Beside GG's streams, he cohosts PPV Internet talk show "Mada Hashiritai" ("I Want to Keep Running") and sometimes game promotions. He also recently appeared on ads promoting highend PC brand as "the man who pioneered game streaming" "from the popular gaming stream on Niconico that has more than 25 million unique views."

Again, we don't want to write about this, but GG is biting the hands that feed them. They use the fame for various collaborations (which make them more famous itself), they get money from the companies, and still want fans to pay for something that should be free.

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