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Thursday, July 10, 2014

JFGC's new low: Going to Evo just to do PPV show

As expected, Kokujin and Nuki today started streaming pay-per-view show from Las Vegas, just like what GODSGARDEN is doing.

Beast Note has been following the JFGC for years now but we can say that today is its lowest point. Some people go to Evo just to do PPV show. They're now asking for money for what once was free, not to mention that they should offer it for free because the fans are what made them who they are today.

In September 2013, Kokujin and Nuki launched his own PPV show called KokuNuki. The show struggles for a relevant content because they're not a top SF4 player and the guests are mostly their friends that you'll ask who? The show then featured various cross-promotion of online games or mobile games. What they're doing now is purely business.

For what GODSGARDEN has done, better read The Fall of GODSGARDEN and article above.

The JFGC fans gave them social position, these people turn it into business opportunity, and then use the fans to fund their trip.

History of "Japanese press" at Evo

In 2010, KSK went to Evo to nagotiate "Evo Japan" and failed at reporting (only a few tweets about everything).

In 2011, an offstage stream (for the first time) was done by Gama no Abura who paid everything out of his pocket. There're several interviews with players and producer. (Gama later retired from JFGC due to some conflict, ending Nagoya Street Battle organization. Kokujin, who was part of NSB, then began his own stream.)

In 2012, an offstage stream was done by GODSGARDEN.

In 2013, Niconico officially streamed Evo, also acted as Japanese press with interviews.

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