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- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
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- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Monday, October 3, 2011

[OMK] Kanon

Kanon is the most terrifying character for too many reasons. He's good in close and middle range. He's quick and has long poking range. He can normal jump twice and still doesn't drop a combo. And with Leaping Wolf, he can do a 1700+ damage SP-less combo. The move acts as a quick low jump that allows him to continue a combo after a sweep or to do an overhead attack. He also has Shoryuken and some other tricks.

His Meta Special (Kozuki Renzan) is quite easy to combo into. His Silent Attack ability is also pretty good.

Name Command

Triangle Jump (midair in a corner)
Jump forward

Leaping Wolf hcf (L/M/H)midair OK
SP version
Minamogiri Shoryuken (L/M/H)
SP version
Kagegiri Hurricane Kick (L/M/H)must block low
for M version
SP version
Mikazukigiri (midair)
Hadoken (L/M/H)
must block high
for SP version
(cost 2 SP)
Gekka Rouei qcf x2 >H
Meta Special Kozuki Renzan b+hcf >H

L>M>H>crH = 609 damage
L>M>H>crH>Minamogiri = 943 damage
L>M>H>crH>Meta>Renzan = 1233 damage (cost 1 SP)
L>M>H>crH>Ranbu = 1189 damage (cost 2 SP)

jH>crL>crM>H>crH>Leaping Wolf (H)>M>H>M>Minamogiri = 1774 damage
jH>jL>M>H>crL>crL>M>crM>H>Meta>Leaping Wolf>H>crL>crM>H>crH>Ranbu>Renzan = 3258 damage (cost 3 SP)

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