Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2015

- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Monday, October 17, 2011

Season's Beatings 2011 summary

October 15 - SSF4AE exhibition: USA vs. World (these numbers are rounds)

Dieminion (Guile) 1-2 Tokido (Aku)
Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) 0-2 Tokido (Aku)
PR Rog (Box) 2-0 Tokido (Aku)
Justin Wong (Rufus) 2-0 Tokido (Aku)
Wolfkrone (Vip) 1-2 Tokido (Aku) *Tokido has no life left in the last round

Dieminion (Guile) 1-2 Uryo (Sak)
Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) 2-0 Uryo (Sak)
PR Rog (Box) 1-2 Uryo (Sak)
Justin Wong (Rufus) 2-1 Uryo (Sak) *Wong taunts in the last round
Wolfkrone (Vip) 2-1 Uryo (Sak)

Dieminion (Guile) 0-2 Poongko (Seth)
Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) 0-2 Poongko (Seth)
PR Rog (Box) 0-2 Poongko (Seth)
Justin Wong (Rufus) 1-2 Poongko (Seth)
Wolfkrone (Vip) 0-2 Poongko (Seth)

Dieminion (Guile) 1-2 Mago (Fei)
Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) 1-2 Mago (Fei)
PR Rog (Box) 2-0 Mago (Fei)
Justin Wong (Rufus) 0-2 Mago (Fei)
Wolfkrone (Vip) 2-1 Mago (Fei)

Dieminion (Guile) 0-2 Momochi (Cody)
Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) 2-0 Momochi (Cody)
PR Rog (Box) 2-0 Momochi (Cody)
Justin Wong (Rufus) 0-2 Momochi (Cody)
Wolfkrone (Vip) 1-2 Momochi (Cody) *intense match

October 16 - SSF4AE Top 32
  • [Winners] Uryo (Sak) 2-1 Mike Ross (Hon)
  • [Winners] Momochi (Cody) 2-1 FlashMetroid (Zan)
  • [Winners] Floe (Yang) 0-2 Mago (Fei)
  • [Winners] Dieminion (Guile) 0-2 Tokido (Aku)
  • [Winners] Poongko (Seth) 2-0 Chaos2D (Yang)
SSF4AE Top 16
  • [Winners] Uryo (Sak) 2-1 Mago (Fei) *Uryo came from behind
  • [Winners] PR Rog (Box) 1-2 Momochi (Cody) *Momochi came from behind
  • [Winners] Justin Wong (Rufus) 0-2 Tokido (Aku)
  • [Winners] Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) 2-1  Poongko (Seth) *Very close match
  • [Losers] Laugh (Rose) 0-2 Mago (Fei)
  • [Losers] Poongko (Seth) 2-1 Mike Ross (Hon) *Intense match
  • [Losers] PR Rog (Box) 2-0 Mago (Fei) *Mago misjudged his life before lost the first game.
  • [Losers] Justin Wong (Rufus) 0-2 Poongko (Seth)
SSF4AE Semifinal
  • [Winners] Uryo (Sak) 1-2 Momochi (Cody) *Uryo made a big comeback in the first game
  • [Winners] Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) 2-1 Tokido (Aku)
  • [Losers] PR Rog (Box) 1-2 Tokido (Aku)
  • [Losers]  Poongko (Seth) 0-2 Uryo (Sak) *Uryo won 4 straight rounds.
  • [Losers]  Uryo (Sak) 2-0 Tokido (Aku) *Uryo escaped from Tokido's EX Tatsu in the last round by glitch.
  • [Winners Final] Ricky Ortiz (Rufus) 1-3 Momochi (Cody)
  • [Losers Final] Uryo (Sak) 1-3 Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)
  • [Grand Final] Momochi (Cody) 3-1 Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)

Anything Else
- Momochi won his second individual tournament of his life. The first was Battle Medley Singapore 2011 in September.
- Momochi traveled to U.S. alone.
- Uryo has a nickname "Mr. GODSGARDEN" because he did well in the tournaments.
- Mago beat JSMaster's boxer twice in Canada Cup 2010 using Sagat. But he used Fei for PR Rog's boxer in this tournament.

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