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- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
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Friday, October 14, 2011

GODSGARDEN x Capcom: Touzai Online detailed

The Touzai 5 on 5 that was previously announced now has a proper name and details. The event will be called "GODSGARDEN x Capcom: SSF4AE: Touzai Online Taikousen." Capcom is the sponsor. They said there'll also be a fighting game teaching corner on the show.

Managers and players of both East and West team are revealed. Both teams will also have the (unannounced) sixth player as Joker. The managers won't compete, but they'll choose who to fight and not to fight. The competition will use a modified version of GG's fortune-box system.

Date: October 21 (Friday)
Time: 22:50 (JST)
Stream: This or this (in case Ustream doesn't work)
Commentator: Sakamoto, Yoshiwo, Ayano (Capcom's SF4 AP)

- A player can choose only 2 characters.
- Manager can choose who to fight.
- Manager can refuse 2 times.
- The player that is refused cannot play in that match and the next match.
- The winning player cannot play in the next 2 matches.
- A Joker has life disadvantage but you cannot refuse Joker except after his first fight.

East Team
Manager: Soushihan KSK
  • Kazunoko (Yun/Yang)
  • Fuudo (Fei/Ryu)
  • Itabashi Zangief (Zan/Hawk)
  • Nekojita (Abe/Dan)
  • Cabbage (Vip/Mak)

West Team
Manager: Umezono
  • Haitani (Mak/Hawk)
  • RF (Sag/Fei)
  • Uryo (Sak/Vip)
  • Sako (Ibu/Yang)
  • 6 (Aku/Cam)

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