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Saturday, October 15, 2011

TOPANGA TV 2011.10.8 (Bon-chan & Kazunoko)

- Nabe came back from America after 2 months. He joined a mini online tournament as a graduation test but lost to Yang is his first match.
- In America, Nabe has a friend named Alex (introduced by Tokido) but he first thought it's Alex Valle so he said hi to Valle on Twitter instead.
- Nabe said, in America, even green bar, there's still lag.
- Alex sent Mago, Tokido, Gama no Abura, Nekohashi, KSK some souvenir. Tokido got a murder face mug cup.
- Guest is Bon-chan. Mago tried to trick him into saying something bad about Kazunoko. Then Kazunoko came from behind him. Then they showed a candid video of Kazunoko saying he won't lose to Bon-chan. In the end, they arranged a concept match for them. (A lot of people voted for them anyway.)
- They showed some videos from TOPANGA Offline Meetings. (Mago and Tokido meet/teach/play with 13 fans at a bar. Participation cost is 5,000 yen.)

Bon-chan: Kazunoko's character is..... :|
Mago: So because of the character!
B: That character is so strong. .....It's a foul-play level.
M: Well, I think he's something.
B: I'm not saying he's weak, if I say so then...
(Kazunoko came from behind Bon-chan.)
B: Kazunoko is REALLY STRONG.

Tokido: Since Kazunoko is here, we don't need that video letter. But I want to see it.
(Video showing Kazunoko saying congratuations for being on TOPANGA TV)
T: There's one more.

(Candid video showing Tokido chatting with Kazunoko)
T: How was Bon-chan at Tougeki?
K: A bit worried. [Oji-san Boy] (his Tougeki 2011 partner) was kinda freeloader. XD
T: What if you fight with Bon-chan.
K: I absolutely won't lose. :)))))))

M: What do you have to say about this?
B: Well, you can just say that. If he's confident then I want to do it for real. Kazunoko-KUN!

TOPANGA is becoming like pro wrestling They don't just fight, they add story to it for more hype. The question is not "Is this scripted?" but "Which part is not scripted?" (Kazunoko used to say that he was a Bon-chan fan and he passed Tougeki qualifier thanks to Oji-san Boy.)

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