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- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Saturday, May 5, 2012


- KVO x GODSGARDEN UMvC3 announced
- This tournament (KVO x GODSGARDEN) and KVO 2012 are different. Read the old posts for more.
- Date: May 4
- Recorded stream: Here
- They planned to invite Kusoru and Condor but only Cho accepted. So they gave those quotas to voting and qualifier.
- Frieda announced that he won't go to Evo 2012 so if he wins he won't take the ticket to Evo.
- 4Gamer.net now posted an event report.


Qualifier (notable)
RF 2-0 Tonosama
fubarduck 1-2 Rei-chan
Ouma 0-2 Frieda
IKKI 0-2 Kubo
ASO 1-2 Nemo
RF (Wolf/Akuma/Task) 0-2 Emumaki
Tsujigawa 0-2 Maogami
Rei-chan 2-0 Haatia
Kaitenou 0-2 Nemo
Kubo 1-2 Frieda
Taketani 0-2 Rei-chan
Rei-chan 0-2 Frieda
Nemo 2-? Ninroku 2600
Rei-chan 2-1 Ninroku 2600

Real tournament

Invited: Cho
Voting: 1) Suna Hebi 2) OGTY 3) Abegen 4) G.X (related stream)
Appointed day qualifier: Frieda, Nemo, Rei-chan

[Winners] Suna Hebi (Sentinel/Nova/Super-Skrull) 2-0 OGTY (Nova/Dr. Doom/Super-Skrull)
[Winners] Rei-chan (Deadpool/Wesker/Doom) 2-1 G.X (Doom/Spencer/Hull)
[Winners] Abegen (She-Hulk/Tron/Thor) 0-2 Cho (Wesker/Magneto/Vergil)
[Winners] Nemo (Spencer/Strange/Wesker) 1-2 Frieda (Zero/Magneto/Dante) *Nemo almost won but he missed at the end of 2nd game
[Winners] Suna Hebi 1-2 Rei-chan *a big comeback from Sunahebi in 2nd round
[Winners] Cho 2-1 Frieda *Frieda won 1st game
[Winners Final] Rei-chan 2-0 Cho
[Losers] Nemo ?-2 Abegen *no stream
[Losers] Abegen 2-1 Frieda
[Losers] Abegen 2-0 G.X
[Losers Final] Abegen 1-2 Cho
[Grand Final 1] Rei-chan 2-3 Cho *Cho won first 2 games.
[Grand Final 2] Rei-chan 3-2 Cho *Cho won first 2 games but Rei-chan won last 3.

- Rei-chan won the trip to Evo 2012.
- Rei-chan is a pad player.

Concept Match with Kusoru
- The winner of this tournament will have to play against Kusoru.
Rei-chan 3-2 Kusoru (Viewtiful Joe/Rocket Raccoon/Frank West) *Rei-chan won first 2 and last.

If you still don't understand why there's a maid giving people drinks and sometimes slaps in front of the camera, read this post about Ogorare-kun system. This's a similar service. Since the tournament is held in a maid cafe "CCO Cha" and some menu will be served in "Tsundere" style, the viewers can order a drink for the selected players and have them slapped at the same time. They can also instruct the maids what to write on the food with the tomato ketchup.

- Kindevu got Super Tsunderedaa. The maid said "I play SF4 and I used to wonder what Rufus player look like, you really look like Rufus! I'm impressed. Now do your best!" Then she slapped him really hard.

- OGTY got omelette rice with the word "Homo." (it's inside joke of the Japan UMvC3 community)
- Kusoru said on the stream that he's hungry and "Please order me something." Then a Kao TV viewer ordered Super Tsuderedaa x2 (served with double slaps from 2 maids) to Kusoru. The maids said "Why did you get an order like this? You wanna fight? Get serious already!"
- Some players like Suna Hebi got a "Corpse Stomping Soda."

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