Daigo Umehara's Event Schedule 2015

- Canada Cup's Master Series [January 9-11]
- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
- Yonpahi radio show [January 23]
- 6th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 25]
- Taipei Game Show [Jan 31]
- Tokaigi 2015 [Feb 1]

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chou Tougeki 2012 summary

- Chou Tougeki is held inside Nico Nico's Chokaigi (Nico Nico's "Super Conference")
- Chou Tougeki's first details
- Big announcements from Tougeki
- Umehara confirmed for Chou Tougeki exhibitions
- Umehara participates Chou Tougeki SSF4AE2012 qualifier
- The SSF4AE2012 and SF3 Third Strike qualifier are in Day 1 (April 28)
- Exhibition matches is in Day 2 (April 29)
- After the stream of the first day ended, there's a wedding ceremony (on Chou Tougeki's stage) of a couple who met because of Street Fighter IV.
- Tougeki producer announced that Tougeki 2012 finals will be held in August somewhere in Narita.

Stream of qualifiers
- Day 1
- Day 2

Media reports
- Famitsu (Day 1 and Day 2)
- Weekly ASCII

SSF4AE2012 qualifier
- Uryo won. He chose Momochi and Haitani as his teammates for Tougeki finals.

(The numbers are rounds)
[Winners] Kyoku (Yan) 2-0 Mago (Fei)
[Winners] Uryo 2-? Across
[Winners] Kawaguuchi (Ros) 2-? masa
[Winners] Cabbage 2-? MOV
[Winners] Rikimaru ?-2 Fuhajin
[Winners] Kyoku 2-? Haitani
[Winners] 2-gun DH Taryan (Fue) 2-1 Bibi (Chun)
[Winners] Kazunoko (Yun) 2-0 Tokido (Aku)
[Winners] MDR (Ruf) 2-1 Shin (Jur)
[Winners] Uryo (Sak) 2-1 Umehara (Ryu) *the first 2 rounds were very close
[Winners] 2-gun DH Taryan ?-2 Fuudo
[Winners] Cabbage 2-? Nuki
[Winners] Kazunoko (Yun) 0-2 Dogura (Dic) *Ultra finish in last round
[Winners] Fuhajin 0-2 ItaZan
[Winners] Kawaguuchi (Ros) 2-1 Araki (Haw)
[Winners] MDR 2-? Momochi
[Winners] Uryo (Sak) 2-0 MDR *18 hit combo and perfect in last round
[Winners] Fuudo 2-1 Kawaguuchi (Ros) *Fuudo lost 1st round but won with perfect in last round
[Winners] Cabbage 1-2 ItaZan *pixels comeback from ItaZan in 1st round (Ultra finish)
[Winners] Kyoku 1-2 Dogura *Dogura fought back after losing 1st round *good game
[Winners] Fuudo 1-2 Uryo *pixels comeback from Uryo in 2nd round (he almost lost)
[Winners] ItaZan 1-2 Dogura *Dogura almost lost but he survived 2 rounds with pixels of life
[Losers] Across (E. Ryu) 1-2 Umehara (Ryu)
[Losers] Mago 2-? Haitani
[Losers] MOV 2-? Nuki
[Losers] Tokido ?-2 Kyoku
[Losers] Shin (Jur) 1-2 Momochi (Cod)
[Losers] Momochi (Cod) 2-1 Umehara (Ryu)
[Losers] MDR 1-2 Momochi
[Losers] Masa 2-? Araki
[Losers] Bibi (Chun) 2-? masa
[Losers] Bibi (Chun) 2-? Kawaguuchi
[Losers] MOV 2-? Fuhajin
[Losers] Mago ?-2 Kazunoko
[Losers] Momochi 1-2 Bibi (Chu) *Good game from Bibi
[Losers] Cabbage 0-2 Kazunoko *Kazunoko dominated
[Losers] Fuudo 2-1 Bibi
[Losers] ItaZan 2-0 Kazunoko *Good game from ItaZan

Top 4
[Winners Final] Uryo 1-2 Dogura *Dogura clearly played better
[Losers] ItaZan 2-1 Fuudo
[Losers Final] ItaZan 0-2 Uryo
[Grand Final 1] Uryo 2-1 Dogura *Uryo almost lost but made pixels comeback in 2nd round
[Grand Final 2] Uryo 2-0 Dogura *Dogura cameback in 2nd round with no life left

SF3 3rd Strike qualifier
- Haitani won. He chose Momochi and Daigo Umehara as his teammates for Tougeki finals.
- Momochi later revealed that Haitani talked to him and decided about SF3 and SF4 team for Tougeki 2012. They still wanted one member. It's for fun so they don't want to drag SF3 players with them. They considered SF4 players instead. They approached Umehara after TOPANGA Charity Cup 2012 but they were drunk at the time so it was not really confirmed. (Haitani and Momochi live in south west, but Umehara live in Tokyo. It's hard to go to a local qualifier together.)
- Famitsu reported that Haitani talked to Umehara again before the finals, Umehara said "If you won, then [teaming up] is okay." He later laughed because Haitani actually won it.

Exhibition matches
- Ten players are paired randomly by drawing. (pic)
- Since there're 5 pairs, one team will have to play 3 times.
- There was no stream but Choco Blanka reported the results realtime.

Nuki + Fuudo vs. Umehara + Kazunoko (pic)
Nuki (Seth) 0-2 Umehara (Ryu) *Ultra finish in 1st round
Fuudo (Fei) 1-2 Kazunoko (Yun)
MDR + Momochi vs. Mago + Uryo
Momochi - Uryo O
MDR - Mago O

Tokido + Haitani vs. Umehara + Kazunoko
Tokido - Kazunoko O
O Haitani 2-1 Umehara
Haitani 1-2 Kazunoko O

Mago + Uryo vs. Umehara + Kazunoko
O Uryo 2-1 Umehara
O Mago 2-0 Kazunoko

Mad Catz booth
There's Mad Catz booth at Chou Tougeki where Japan's Team Mad Catz members (Umehara/Mago/Tokido) had autograph/photo session and played games with visitors.
- Umehara's book Willpower to Keep Winning with autograph is sold at the booth.
- Team Mad Catz appears! (pic)
- A stick with Team Mad Catz autograph (pic)
- Team Mad Catz cap (2500 yen) (pic)
- Umehara posing with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure cosplayers (pic)

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