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Saturday, October 13, 2012

GODSGARDEN to offer paid contents for 735 yen a month

GODSGARDEN announced on Kao TV tonight that they will soon offer monthly subscription of paid contents on their formal channel. What is the "paid contents" is still undecided, but the monthly fee is 735 yen. (Any non-paid contents including anything on casual channel is still free.)

This is a very disappointing news. Because if GODSGARDEN really wants money, they could have uploaded anything on their streams on YouTube and started earning ad revenue long time ago. (Instead the thieves did it and take all the money.)

The 735 yen monthly fee is also too high.

For reference, look at Seiyuu Grand Prix channel on Niconico.
  • Established by a big voice actors magazine
  • Four-time-a-week update of exclusive video clips of popular voice actors
  • Four-time-a-week update of exclusive columns of popular voice actors
  • Video clips are available in 1Mbps bit rate, and on all types of cellphones
  • 525 yen monthly fee

We really doubt that GODSGARDEN will top that with the regular players they have, and especially when KSK just updated his blog for the first time in 7 months...

Note that these days you also need a premium Niconico account (525 yen monthly) to watch Ura Kao TV (GODSGARDEN's casual stream) because premium accounts have higher priority than free accounts. Free users will get kicked by the system to give the spaces to premium users. Ura Kao TV can hold only 2,000 users a time. (And that means even premium users are not guaranteed their seats!)

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