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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gunslinger Stratos now 200 yen per 3 plays

The developers of Gunslinger Stratos announced last night on The 1st Stratos Party that the game will lower its play fee from 200 yen per 2 plays to 200 yen per 3 plays during Liberation War between October 9-22. (Although they still has 100 yen/1 play option.)

There were actually several announcements from the event. The rest is below.

- The game will be updated to version 1.20 on October 9, with a new stage, a new campaign, 2 new characters, new weapon packs.
- The new stage is Umeda, Osaka.
- A new theme song was showed.
- The new campaign "Liberation War" will be available between October 9-22. Players will get to choose from 2 sides (Frontier S and 17th Far East Imperial Control Ward) and stage atmospheres will be changed according to players' influences. The winning side gets new character unlocked (below).
- 2 new playable characters (Mondo Makabe, Xi 988) will be added.
- Mondo Makabe looks like Master Asia from G Gundam. He is even voiced by Yousuke Akimoto, the voice of Master Asia himself. He is unlocked if 17th Far East Imperial Control Ward side wins.
- Xi 988 (who looks like Persona's Aigis) is voiced by Saki Fujita (Miku Hatsune's voice). She is unlocked if Frontier S side wins.
- The first official tournament in Tokyo is now scheduled for January 13, 2013.
- The 2nd Stratos Party: Official Offline Meeting is planned for January 12, 2013. Users can come to play the game free of charge and find team members at the same time.

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