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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Umehara gets his own mahjong manga

Daigo Umehara is turn into a manga (Japanese comic) story again! But this time it is HIS story!

The preview of the next issue of Kindai Mahjong Original that will be released next month on November 8 shows that it will feature "Umehara's Mahjong" story.

Umehara has turn to mahjong when he quitted fighting gamed half a decade ago. He then return with the release of Street Fighter IV in 2008 and recently said he will not return to the mahjong world. However, this manga seems to be an adaptation rather than biography.

From the preview, it acknowledges Umehara as the world's number one pro gamer and teases "What it takes for the man who keeps winning at fighting games to be able to keep winning at mahjong?" ("Keep Winning" has become a catchphrase after his book "Willpower to Keep Winning.") It also shows him drawing a mahjong tile in Mad Catz T-shirt.

The manga is drawn by Michiaki Kiyama.

Kindai Mahjong Original is a monthly manga magazine exclusively for mahjong stories. It is a spinoff of Kindai Mahjong (semimonthly) that has famous manga Akagi (that was later turn into anime).

Although this is the first time Umehara has his own manga about himself, he was already in manga in some form or another. His legendary Evo 2004 moment was in an anime. He also linked Mad Catz product to anime as well.

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