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Friday, October 12, 2012

Street Fighter X Tekken Ver.2013 announced

Capcom announced at Comic Con that a big update of Street Fighter X Tekken will come in the middle of December. The update is free and the game will be upgraded to Ver.2013.

Changes in Ver.2013 from 4Gamer.net
- Throw start-up is reduced from 7F to 5F.
- Tekken characters anti-air moves are improved.
- Life restoration speed is adjusted (to reduce time-out possibility).
- There is camera adjustment during Boost Combo start-up.
- It is easier to see the recoverable damage.
- The effect (graphics) during Gem activation is changed.
- Fight (graphics) disappears quicker.
- Add range and damage of Ken's Shippuu Jinrai.
- Add invincibility to Kazuya's EX Fuujinken
- Add projectile invincibility to Dictator's Knee Press Nightmare
- Bob and Paul have faster walk speed.
- Etc.

Update: Capcom Unity now posted more details on the changes.

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