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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New Shining Resonance information

Dengeki posted new information about world and character settings of Shining Resonance today. This includes new details about Sonia, a playable character in Blade Arcus.

Information about Shining Dragon Ilban
  • There was ancient continent, a holy land, called Alfheim.
  • The fallen dragons' hearts became crystallized, then scattered around the world.
  • Ilban, the protagonist, a legendary dragon, used to live in Alfheim. He's the survivor.
  • For his power, Ilban is hunted by The Empire, The Church, The Dragon Slayers.
  • Ilban was once rescued by a girl long time ago, that's when he falls in love with her. He's now searching for her.
  • Ilban lost his power.

Information about Sonia
  • Sonia's class is Magic Knight.
  • She uses sword and shield.
  • She excels in lightning magic.
  • She's princess of Astria Kingdom.
  • Her title is "Lightning Princess of Astria."
  • Her kingdom is at war with The Empire.
  • She rescued Shining Dragon Ilban from The Empire's research facility.
  • She's the one who starts the adventure. She organizes Dragooners to fight for Ilban.
  • She inherited an instrument called Armonix, yet unable to use it.
  • It appears that she possesses Armonix sword & shield that can be played as violin.
  • "Stop worrying, just follow me. There are people that need your power. That's it!" - Sonia

Information about Dragooners
  • Some party members such as Agnam and Kirika are Dragooners.
  • They are tasked to protect Ilban.
  • They can use Armonix.
  • Armonix can invoke the power of dragon.
  • Agnam has Armonix staff that can be played as guitar.
  • Agnam's class is sorcerer. He excels in fire magic.
  • Agnam is described as "explosive fire artist."
  • Kirika has Armonix bow that can be played as harp.
  • Kirika is the heroine of the story.
  • Kirika's class is Song Maiden. She excels in holy magic.
  • Kirika is described as "maiden who inherits ancient songs."
  • Kirika can sense a nearby dragon.
  • Kirika lead a sheltered life so she isn't very good at communication. She may look cold but she's in fact gentle.
  • "I'm sorry, I'm not interested in human. All I want to know is dragon's heart......" - Kirika
  • Four more Armonix are shown without the wielders.

Information about enemies
  • There're dragon hunters and dragon tamers.
  • Georg is the leader of Beowulf elite force of The Church of Lombardia Empire. His class is Arc Paladin. He's a sword user.
  • The Empire possesses legendary dragons that were resurrected from the research.

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