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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Shining Resonance info

From Famitsu

- His title is the Eleven Knight of Ice Fang.
- His class is Knight
- (To Yuma) "If you can't control the dragon power and go rampage, I'll kill you myself. That's my mission anyway."
- He's the leader of the knights of elf land Welrant Kingdom
- The elf land is protecting an ancient power.
- He's veteran the Dragonar team (our party).
- He always watches over Kirika.
- He's old friend Agnum but doesn't get along well.

Rune Songs
- Rune Songs are the ancient art passed down through generations of the elf tribe.
- The art can awaken the true power sleeping within dragon's soul.
- In the battle, Rune Songs can calm rampaging Shining Dragon Ilban.

- Monsters and items obtainable on the fields change accordingly to the weather.
- A town NPC named Stellar, a weather researcher, can tell player the weather in real time.

Explorable Points
- These points can be found on the fields.
- They respawn over time.
- Plants, minerals, loots can be obtained when checked.
- Treasure chests don't count as explorable points. They don't respawn and aren't affected by weathers.

Shining Resonance will be released on December 11. One of the characters will be playable in Beast Note's most anticipated fighting game Blade Arcus.

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