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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Blade Arcus 2nd location test announced, 4 new characters revealed

It's announced today that Beast Note's most anticipated fighting game Blade Arcus will have its second location test between August 22-24 at Tokyo Club Sega Akihabara.

At the same time, 4 new characters are revealed: Roselinde, Fenrir, Melty, and Isaac. (Roselinde, Fenrir, Melty were unofficially revealed in the teaser in February.)

  • Roselinde is powerful and has big reach. She also has armored move.
  • Melty has short reach but can use ice cream magic for spacing control. She also has powerful command throw.
  • Isaac, who is a cyborg, uses weapons from within his body. His motive now is using Ryuga as test subject.
  • Fenrir, a melee fighter, has speed and rush attacks. He's also revealed to be the instructor of both Ryuga and Pairon.

Changes according to the new manual of the second location test: (Read How to Play Blade Arcus based on first location test manual)
  • Force Gauge has been altered. You can now stock up to 3 bars.
  • Super Force Action now requires 1 bar instead of 100%.
  • 3 types of Support Link Attack now have names: Weak Support, Medium Support, Strong Support.
  • Calling support while taking damage now costs 3 bars instead of 4.
  • Link Attack inputs have been altered.
  • Offensive Force input has been changed. It now requires 1 bar instead of 50%.
  • Defensive Force has been added.
  • EX Force Action (EX special move) has been added. (Perform by pressing B+C instead of single button.)
  • Link Force Attack now requires exactly 4 bars of Support Link Gauge.
  • New moves have been added to certain characters.
  • Move inputs have been changed for certain characters.
  • Some moves have been altered.

Blade Arcus was scheduled for this Summer in the arcades when announced, but the release date is now "in 2014." From today's poster, it's possible that it will launch with 10 characters and new characters will be added over time.

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