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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gunslinger Stratos official site opens

The teaser site of Gunslinger Stratos is replaced with official site just now. There's a lot of juicy information and Beast Note has a summary of it.

- 200 yen (1 credit) for 2 plays. (both finished product and beta version)
- Players can check stats and customize weapons via smartphone at the official mobile site.
- Headshot and "Quickdraw" deal more damage. (Quickdraw - Quickly point the gun to the screen and shoot)

Basic rules
- Each team member has his own life point, but they share the same Power Gauge. Make enemy team's Power Gauge go down to zero in time to win the match.
- The Power Gauge is decreased when a team member is defeated. The loss differs according to the weapon the defeated player is using.
- A match has 180 seconds time limit.
- If the winning team has no credit left, they can continue next match for free (1 time only).

4 game modes
  1. Online Players vs. Online Players - Team up and fight players from around Japan. The winning team gets one free play.
  2. Local vs. Online Players - Players in the same arcade can form a team to fight online players. (Online players will be added if the team has less than 4 players.) The winning team gets one free play.
  3. Individual Mission - Fight alone against CPU.
  4. Team Mission - Local players fight against CPU.

Toru Kazasumi
Kyoka Katagiri
Kyoma Katagiri
Shizune Rindo
Olga Janetine
Aaron Burroughs
Jonathan Sizemore
Akira Rakando
Ryo Kusakage
Remy Odhner

Tokyo, Shibuya - Advantage: sniping
Osaka, Nanba - Advantage: close combat
Tokyo, Ikebukuro - Coming soon

  • Side Style - Attach both left and right gun sideways to change into weapon such as machine gun.
  • Tandem Style - Place the right gun on top of the left gun to change into heavy weapon such as bazooka, rifle, or missile.
  • Close Combat - Point both guns outside the screen and use only triggers.
  • Symbol Chat - Press right stick twice then select message using left stick.
  • Move - Move left stick.
  • Camera Control - Press both sticks at the same time then move camera using right stick.
  • Jump - Press Jump button.
  • Air Dash - Press Jump button twice in the air.

Gunslinger Stratos is an arcade 4 on 4 light-gun shooter from Square Enix. Daigo Umehara is "official supporter" of the game.

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