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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sexual harassment on Capcom's FG reality show

So mainstream media just found out the ugly side of "fighting game community."

Penny Arcade reported a new FGC scandal.

If it's too long and you don't want to read. Here's summary.

  1. Aris, the Tekken player, said sexual harassment is a norm in FGC, and "not being welcome" is the beauty of FGC, on Capcom's reality show stream. (He was there as the Tekken Team's coach.)
  2. A female contestant who was offended by Aris forfeited a match from the mistreatment.

What is happening right now is the "FGC" is deploying shoguns, ninjas, and foot soldiers to cover up/prove point/derail/damage control the incident (the usual procedures).

Luckily, mainstream media don't read Beast Note, because they will get some salts to the wounds and some nails to the coffins.

It'd be more fun if they follow up with a scoop about FGC's forbidden topics.


"A staff of a well-known stream team who refused to play with a Japanese player on the stream to avoid losing in front of the world at Evo 2011."

"A commentator of a well-known stream team who told big lies about his rival Japanese player in 2010."

"The deleted footage of underage girl getting sexually harassed by commentators from a well-known stream team in the middle of a tourney."

"A staff of a well-known stream team who couldn't hide the hate toward Japanese players and their fans through his 'commentating' and works."

Anyway, Aris did a good job explaining things on screen as an Evo commentator last year as we mentioned. This's a big loss in respect for him. His apology statement was great, but only for the first half. He should've just acknowledged the mistakes without defending "FGC" which will eventually go down to just some people with the same attitudes as his.

Real FGC doesn't need hostility, not even a mild one. Japan proved it. They successfully convinced Nico Nico (22 million subscribers) and established a real FG league this year. They clearly have the people with the right attitudes and the star players whom the fans want to see even they have to pay. They also beat the system (the strict laws) that prevented them from doing big things. And you know what? The commentators have to avoid saying the word "died" on the stream. Nothing is lost here.

American "FGC" does have bigger tournaments and better equipments, but in term of progress, they now fall behind the Japanese. They have yet to get rid of the dark image, let alone be more accessible. (Though it's not like they actually care.)

Don't let anyone tell you that the "FGC" is all about enthusiasms and energies to make violence, racism, or sexism acceptable in any degree. People enjoy WWE and pay to see even the villains because we know the dramas are fake and it's entertaining. But in "FGC" the real dramas are real and it's disgusting.

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