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- 5th Niconico Shotenkaigi [January 18]
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Capcom's Official SSF4AE2012 National Tournament 2012 summary

This post is not finished. More things will be added in the (distant) future. (At least that's what we hope!)

What: Capcom's Official SSF4AE 2012  National Tournament: Kakutou Hinamatsuri
When: March 3
Format: 3 on 3, arcade, no character duplicate allowed

- Umehara confirmed for SSF4AE Nationals
- Umehara promoting new SFxTekken sticks
- Nico to stream SSF4AE Nationals 2012
- SSF4AE Nationals Zenyasai 2012
- Stream: Here (Japanese) or Here (English)

11:00 - Open, appointed day qualifier
13:00 - Top 32
15:30 - SFxTekken special stage
16:30 - Semi-finals

Team Mad Catz: Umehara, Tokido, Mago
Foreign Selection: Poongko, GamerBee, Ryan Hart
Taito Cup Champ: Shiro, Shungoku Neurosis, Hanamaruki

Qualifiers (notable)
Kou Mochibe: Itabashi Zangief, Fuudo, Dashio
Yjojon: aka jojo, Y24, Banbaban
Sabo Hani: Uryo, 6, wao
Makezugirai: Nemo, Kazunoko, Bon-chan
Golden Lettuce Fantasy: Cabbage, RF, Kindevu
Doguratanieita: Haitani, Dogura, Eita

Appointed day qualifier
Group B
[11:30] TOTALHEADS's Kyoku (Yan) OCV'd in first fight
[11:50] TOTALHEADS won second fight

Group C
[11:30] Amiyu (Gen) OCV'd Machabo (Fei) Yuu (Aku) Togawa (Ryu) team
[11:47] Amiyu team lost second fight (OCV'd by a Blanka)

Top 32
Block A
Team Mad Catz 3-0 Golden Lettuce Fantasy
O Umehara (Ryu) 2-1 RF (Sag)
O Umehara (Ryu) 2-1 Kindevu (Cam)
O Umehara (Ryu) 2-1 Cabbage (Vip)

Top 16
Block A
Team Mad Catz 1-3 Baikurimanda
Mago (Fei) 1-2 MDR (Ruf) O
Umehara (Ryu) 1-2 MDR (Ruf) O
O Tokido (Aku) 2-1 MDR (Ruf)
Tokido (Aku) 1-2 EX Mamehara (Adon) O

Top 4
Baikurimanda 3-1 Kou Mochibe
O EX Mamehara (Adon) - Dashio (Seth)
EX Mamehara (Adon) - Itabashi Zangief O
O Gachi-kun (Saga) - Itabashi Zangief
O Gachi-kun (Saga) - Fuudo (Fei)

TOTALHEADS 3-2 Oretachi
Kyoku (Yan) - Nishikin (Bla) O
Taku@Reshio 4 (Bla) - Nishikin (Bla) O
O Michael-tan (Ken) - Nishikin (Bla)
O Michael-tan (Ken) - Akimo (Hon)
O Michael-tan (Ken) - Nekojita (Abel)

3rd Place
Kou Mochibe 0-3 Oretachi
Dashio (Seth) - Akimo (Hon) O
Fuudo (Fei) - Akimo (Hon) O
Itabashi Zangief - Akimo (Hon) O

Baikurimanda 3-2 TOTALHEADS
Gachi-kun (Saga) - Taku@Reshio 4 (Bla) O
O EX Mamehara (Adon) - Taku@Reshio 4 (Bla)
EX Mamehara (Adon) - Kyoku (Yan) O
O MDR (Ruf) - Kyoku (Yan)
O MDR (Ruf) - Michael-tan (Ken)

SFxTekken Special Stage
- Ono/Harada team beat guests, guests call for Mago/Tokido's help. The producer team lost, they were punished by getting kicked by the cosplay contestants.

[17:41] R interviewed Ryan Hart, GamerBee, Poongko
- Ryan Hart said Japan can play any character at high level.
- Big problem was Poongko couldn't find a chance to go to toilet between the matches.
- Poongko plays Ryu/Ken in SFxT.

- 4Gamer.net

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