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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Evo 2012: SFxTK rules announced

The rules of the Street Fighter X Tekken tournament at Evolution 2012 is announced.

- It will be 2 on 2 tag team (not in Scramble Battle mode). One player controls one character. Tagging in the game means tagging in real life. (as in the video below)
- Gems will be disabled.
- Seeding points of a team is the same with the seeding points of the player who registers. (The team member who has more points should register their team.)

The 2 on 2 tag team decision is rather good news. It differentiates the tournament from SSF4AE2012 one. And this is the first time for such gameplay. This alone should guarantee the hype.

Dropping Gem System is understandable. The system is a great idea but is badly implemented by Capcom, especially for tournaments. There is tournament support DLC, but it did not address all the problems. All players should be able to use all the Gems equally without DLC or unlocking, thus no unfair advantage in Gems knowledge or strategies. There should also be 30-second time limit in selection. (The first official tournament allows up to 3 minutes.) The match should start automatically after that, ready or not.

There is still no evidence that Daigo Umehara actually plays this game, outside Capcom's videos. He is an arcade gamer. So it is presumed that, like UMvC3, he will not be serious about it. His partner can be anyone but Mago and Tokido.

Evolution 2012 will take place between July 6-8.

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