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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Umehara switches back to Yun

It is reported that Daigo Umehara now switched back from Ryu to Yun as more people saw him playing Yun again in the arcade.

There was actually a rumor about this since after the national tournament a couple weeks ago.

As you already know, Yun was hit by several changes in SSF4AE Ver.2012.

Here are some of the changes.

Target Combo 2 Damage decreased from 150 to 120
Target Combo 3 Damage decreased from 150 to 120
Target Combo 4 Damage decreased from 160 to 133
Target Combo 5 Damage decreased from 90 to 72
Zenpou Tenshin
(command grab)
Startup increased from 7F to 10F
EX Zenpou Tenshin
(command grab)
Startup increased from 5F to 8F,
Throw-invincibility removed
EX Zesshou Honou
(EX dash punch)
Block stun shortened by 2F
Raigeki Shu
(dive kick)
Height restriction increased,
Landing stun increased from 4F to 6F,
Hit stun and block stun increased by 2F
(palm strike)
Less meter build-up from 30 to 20,
Frame count increased by 2F,
Damage decreased from 160 to 140,
Stun decreased from 250 to 200,
Chip damage decreased from 40 to 30,
Hitbox active decreased from 15F to 10F
(up kick)
Shortened invincibility,
Distance shortened in M/H/EX versions,
Landing stun increased by 3F for L/EX versions when whiffs,
Damage decreased in M version from 130 to 110
(shoulder attack)
Damage decreased for H version from 140 to 110,
More hurtbox added,
Projectile invincibility shortened,
Damage decreased for EX version from 150 to 130
Genei Jin Effect shortened by 1 second
Stun Decreased from 1000 to 950

But however, Yun is still better than Ryu in general because he at least has more tools to approach and has safer, faster meter building. Ryu, when facing a character with better poking like Fei Long, is forced to use risky Hadoken since crouching medium kick will get him nowhere, then no meter.

Umehara going back to Yun already made some impact. Kazunoko, who changed to Seth in Ver.2012, now considers changing back to Yun. (The two play at the same arcade in Shinjuku.) And it was Kazunoko's Yun that beat Sako's Ibuki 3-2 on last week's Kao TV.

Last year, Umehara played 39 tournament matches and lost only 5 times using Yun. This does not include exhibition matches where he won Poongko (10-6), Nemo (3-1), and Kazunoko (3-2).

TOPANGA Charity Cup (3 matches)
Shiro (Mak)
Hanamaruki (Sag)
Shungoku Neurosis (Dic)

ReveLAtions (8 matches)
Zangief player
Seth/Oni player
Wolfkrone (Vip)
Online Tony (Set)
Laugh (Ryu)
Clakey D (Ibu)
Hsien Chang (Yun)
Mago (Fei)

NorCal 2011 (7 matches)
Air (Ryu)
Wolfkrone (Vip)
Marn (Yun/Dud)
Infiltration (Aku) twice

Evo 2011 (9 matches)
John Choi (Sag)
Alex Valle (Ryu)
Tokido (Aku)
Poongko (Set)
Kindevu (Yun)
Latif (Vip)

GODSGARDEN #4 (3 matches)
KOK (Fei)
Kazunoko (Yun)
RF (Sag)

Tougeki 2011 (8 matches)
Shinchan (Ado)
RB (Guy)
GamerBee (Ado)
MOV (Ken)
Ganon (Sak)
Noriyasu (Dha)
Momochi (Yun)
Nemo (Yan)

Nagoya Street Battle 30 (1 match)
Misshii (Dud)

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