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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Shining Resonance info

From Famitsu.

Opening chapter
  • Sonia, princess of Astria, breaks into the prison to rescue Yuma from the empire.
  • Since Astria is at war with the empire, it needs to befriend with the dragon in order to gain momentum.
  • At the prison, Sonia's small team found Yuma, but they need to find the way out.
  • Kirika protects Sonia and creates diversion.
  • Imprisoned for so long, Yuma lost willpower. But after seeing two brave women, he intends to fight the empire again.

  • Her class is Magic Cannon Knight.
  • Her weapon is Divine Cannon.
  • She excels in healing magic and supportive magic.
  • "Purge target lock on.... divine punishment enforcing. That dragon soul, let me offer it to the god."
  • She was secretly created by the church as experimental bio weapon. She carries on her task with cold expression.
  • It seems her demon eye (left eye) allows her to use magic-operated heavy weapon at will.
  • She looks young but possesses superhuman strength.
  • She's under Joachim's mind control, and suffers dissociative identity disorder. She can switch between Marion and Eto.
  • She first met Yuma when he was captured.

  • His title is the Alchemist of Judgment.
  • His class is Dark Priest.
  • He excels in dark magic.
  • His weapon is blade called Psycholops (Cyclops).
  • "Your sinful body, let me recreate as divine creation."
  • He leads the study of ancient magic. He's also master of biology and medicine.
  • He's interested in nothing but experiments.
  • Several bio weapons were created from the study of dragon power, starting from Marion.
  • Because Marion is his best creation, he's strongly attached to her.

B.A.N.D. system
  • BAND requires at least one bar of Party Gauge to activate. Gauge then gradually depletes to zero where effect wears off.
  • Even in the same Rune Song, the effect can change accordingly the "Center" of the BAND.
  • Kirika as Center in Rune Song of Spring will provide damage reduction and bad status effect immunity.
  • Lesty as Center in Rune Song of Spring will provide damage reduction and boost guard effect.
  • Agnum as Center in Rune Song of Spring will greatly boost evasion.
  • Kirika will sing as Center, but will play her Armonix bow when non-Center.

Shining Resonance will be released on December 11. Sonia is expected to be playable in Beast Note's most anticipated fighting game Blade Arcus.

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