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Sunday, September 14, 2014

[Video] JFGC people play Wonderland Wars

Fuudo, Bunbunmaru, Kami-chan, Sentosu, Nagisa, Shiki "Maou" Aoki were invited to play Sega's arcade MOBA game Wonderland Wars at Japan Gamer's Live on August 31.

Although Sega says that this's the world's first arcade MOBA, we say it's not quite true. Square Enix's Lord of Vermilion III already did this in 2013. LoV series introduced MOBA-like gameplay to the arcades since 2008.

Anyway, Wonderland Wars is quite different from Dota or LoL. You don't need to destroy Nexus. Your team only needs to have more "life" than opposing team after 6 minutes.

There're 3 things you can do to reduce the life of opposing team.
  • Attack opposing team's castle (A.K.A. Nexus)
  • Destroy an opposing team's turret
  • Kill a member of the opposing team
Other differences
  • You use stylus to control your character, and also to draw the line of your projectile.
  • You can summon a giant who can instantly destroy a turret if let live long enough.

Wonderland Wars is currently under development. This location test version only had 4 characters (out of 12 planned?). The release date is currently "February 2015."

The videos above show viewpoint of Bunbunmaru who was in the same team with Fuudo and Maou. The team is full of serious gamers so another team couldn't even get a single win out of around 7 games.

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